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DLPOA Board Meeting, Thursday February 9, 6pm, Pinelow Camp

There are probably a million Deer Lakes in this country. We are located in the State of Washington, about 30 miles North of Spokane, Washington on US 395. (See Maps). Our lake is a litle over a mile in diameter, and somewhat shaped like a frying pan, with the handle being the inlet for the lake. There are about 800 houses on this lake, with about half of those homeowners being members of DLPOA.

DLPOA Logo If you would like to join DLPOA ($20/year) please contact one of the officers of the organization.  You will get the newsletter, and a vote in the elections.  Maybe you can even serve some time on the Board of Directors!


Contact Us

You can write us at DLPOA, PO Box 250, Loon Lake, Wa 99148. 
Our newsletter person can be reached at KenRingDeerLake(at)gmail.com.
Or, you can email a few of the officers.  You will have to use your Amiche to contact the rest. 
You can contact your humble webmaster at demattia(at)acm.org
(You of course all know that you have to substitute the '@' for '(at)', this format is just a spam preventor.)


Coming Events!

Note -- Board Meeting times are 6PM, at the Pinelow Camp, on the 2nd Thursday of some months.

New Stuff On this site

For board notes for the most recent meetings (see Boardnotes).
As of January 2015, the board CHANGED BACK the policy of publishing the board notes right after the meeting.
They will now not be published until after the NEXT meeting.
As of February 2015, the board Changed back the change back. Board notes will now be shown as unapproved right after board meetings, until the next board meeting, when they will get blessed.

Winter  2016 Newsletter  -- and Report on the 2016 Annual Meeting
Note that starting with the Summer 08 newsletter, newsletters will be in PDF format, not HTML. You will need an adobe acrobat reader to read them.
New list of Officers for 2016 - 2017
Pictures I have been unable to put on several fine pictures of our lake that I have received this last year. I hope to get time this summer to do some of that.

The 2011 4th of July parade pictures are here.
I have pictures from 2004, 2005, 2006 2007 and 2008 boat parades also, and would be happy to send you a hi def version of any of these pictures by email. I did not take pictures of the 2009 parade and have only a very few pictures of the 2010 parade.

The Beige Pages now has a page on Wireless Broadband providers for this lake

We have started a page listing the various associations on the lake. Please send any information about your bay or homeowners association to the web guy.

Water Temperature (For past temps, see Lake Temperature Chart
melted on->Mar 10Apr 15Apr 15Jan 15Mar 31Apr 1Mar 29Mar 20Apr 1Feb 8Feb 11
Apr W3.41.......4350
Apr W449.........53
May W1..44...50.5353.
May W25258..5650.5956.
May W354.5254...6365.
May W460596258605960656562
Jun W16362.6560.68667068
Jun W265.60.636265.7163
Jun W3....65.68647566
Jun W4.66..6864.697569
Jul W1737374.656673717770
Jul W275...737271777469
Jul W37775..74727675747171
Jul W4767670.75727675747272
Aug W17273687574707573737374
Aug W27071707273707473...
Aug W3...697272707370.72
Aug W4...7070727070706572
Sep W16868.6965706770676371
Sep W2..6566626971.6269
Sep W3646863......65
Sep W460....6260..63
Oct W15954...62....
FreezeJan13jan20Dec 15Dec 15Jan 6jan 15Jan 14Feb ?Jan 5Jan ?

Board Meetings

Board meetings are the Second Thursday of most months except the summer ones and winter ones....  Everybody is welcome to come.  Generally there are cookies.  As of March 2008, meetings start at 6PM!!! As of March 2010, the meetings are back at the Pinelow Camp Conference Room.

See above for when the next board meetings will be.

Click here for a list of the current Officers and Committees of Dlpoa. We now have the Board Meeting notes online, in addition to the past newsletters.  Please go to the Newsletters page for more information.

I am trying to get a complete archive of the old newsletters.  I now have most of the newsletters in the past archives .  If you have old Deer Lake photos, remberances, oral histories, whatever, I would like to add them to our site.  Please contact me and I can scan in whatever you have.

The plan for this site is to have sections on Dlpoa Information, maps, weather, local media, contributed pictures of the lake area, and a classified section that will let us know just where to find somebody to fix our faucets or build us a shed. 


Water Quality Report is a 2005 report produced by the Spokane Tribal Labs on the water quality in Deer Lake and vicinity. It is rather technical, and does provide some historical comparitions.

Comments on this site can be sent to demattia (at) acm.org .  Please start sending scanned pictures of the lake area, and suggestions about local businesses you have dealt with.

If you are looking for the Donner Lake Property Owner's Association, You entered the wrong URL. You really want www.dlpoa.org
For more information on Deer Lake and other lakes, please see Online Hiways.
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